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Re: Barclays Apple Card CLI Request

westcoastpirate wrote:

Yesterday evening I was approved for a Barclays Apple Visa.  I called in to the backdoor number to request a CLI this morning and the CSR was nice but said they would have to do another HP of my CR  I asked if there was a chance he could use the one from yesterday and he said no, that they would have to pull another report.


#1.  Is this correct? They can pull your credit report whenever they want once you are a customer and extended a line of credit - this is so because you have a buisness relationship with them in which they've have/will be extending credit. They can pull all three reports every month (via a HP) if they want. Most don't because well there is really no point in doing so when they can SP and get the same info. Why would they HP this time? because your asking for more credit and that inquiry would show so others pulling your report would see it as well.

#2.  If I call back and decide to move forward with the request and they do another HP, how will that affect my CR? If they pull the same report, it will be an additional inquriy. They might choose to pull a different report from what they pulled to accept your app (this case is very likely) if they pull a different report, you'll just have the 1 inq from them and you might see a ding due to it - but again it depends on your reports and info on it. If they pull the same one again, it will add a second inquriy and again you'll see a small ding to the score but again it depends on whats on your reports.

#3.  Would it be worth it to try the Backdoor Credit Analyst number for Barclays to see if they would use the report from last night for the CLI request? You can ask, but its doubtful. Barclays is very inqury sensative with new accounts. I'm sure since they would want to know if you app'd for credit somewhere else that they would be able to find out and thus would extend that courtesy to other companies. But again, a phone call is free, if they say "HP no matter what" you can assess the situation and make your own choice.


In the end - inquries only affect your score for 1 year and after 6 months loose some bite on your score and after 2 years are like they never happened.





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