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Re: What is the best 5% cash back card out there.

distantarray wrote:

in my opinion


1. US Bank Cash+ 

2. Amex BCP

3. Chase Freedom (6.25%+ with trifecta for travel) Also VERY intensive online shopping mall for extra points on everything I ever need.

4. Citi Forward

5. Discover More


Also with Chase Trifecta Combo  + BCP you'll get 4.625%+ on gas so don't really need a gas card like PenFED imo...It'd save me less than $10 a year on average.

I think if people do the math in most cases the relative differences in savings betweens cards does turn out to be small, often dominated by the size of the sign up bonus and of course where you do your spending.   That said:


Penfed Rewards (which DOESN'T give a statement credit each month, instead you can get prepaid visa gift cards after $25 in points) apart from 5% on gas gives unlimited 3% on groceries.   With the cap on BCP, this is of great value to people with high grocery spend.