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Re: Capital one executive sucks

I'm in a sort of similar situation so allow me to share my thoughts based on what's happening with me. Capital 1 was my first credit card. I took care of it and received the normal credit steps increases little by little until I reached $1,000, It's been five years and I still have that limit even today. Earlier this year I learned about this forum and really educated myself on credit in general and as of today I went from having 2 credit cards with a total of 2k combined credit to now having a little over $17,000 in credit as of today. I was very happy opening up my Amex, and my more recent Chase Sapphire Preffered & Discover cards. Yes my first initial reaction was to call the executive office and complain but then I took a minute and just felt humble as most people said here already. If it wasn't for Capital one I wouldn't have made it to where I am today in terms of what's in my wallet (no pun intended). Bottom line instead of calling them because I feel like I deserve better, I will just cut my ties with them in a few months and just more forward. I thank them for starting me off but I guess im off to bigger and better things now. Just my 2 cents.


Regardless, good luck!

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