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Cleaned up report and need recommendations :)
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Hey everyone,


First off this board is awesome!!! I started the cleanup process in late 2010 and have fought my way up from the low 500's to where I am today.


My report currently has a SL showing late on TU and EX but I just finished rehab last month and loans were picked up a few days ago so I am hoping those will report positive in a couple of months.  Other than than I have a 90+ late on both Tu and EQ that last reported in 2009 and is currently in dispute because that is simply not the case.  My AAofA is 4 years and my util is report at 18% today but all balances are at $0 (just waiting for the reports to update).  I am pre-approved for Walmart for $500 and will app in store and recon of I don't get a higher limit.


I would really like to app for a card or two besides Walmart but I am not sure where I should head first.  I would like a card with rewards to take advantage of the $$ I spend in gas and groceries but I am scared to app and get denied.  Any recommendations on a card that I may have a good shot to get?


This has been a long journey and the light at the end of the tunnel is getting bigger and brighter Smiley Very Happy

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