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Re: Capital one executive sucks

The letter sounds very unprofessional and full of entitlement issues. People in the thread keep pointing this out but OP seems to just want to tell about why he mispells words on purpose and why a company like Capital One is lucky that he is willing to do business with them. OP, perhaps this is not the way you intend to come across, but it is the way it is being perceived. Best thing you can do is accept the advice as friendly rather than think people are hating on you. I understand you already sent the letter and you might even get what you want, but I think for the future you might want to curb that tendency in your letters. I have been involved in risk management for many years and have found that entitlement is highly correlated to risk and imagine that many credit lenders have the same conclusion.


Also someone mentioned about CapOne going bankrupt, their stock is up 65% in the last year and have recently bought out several companies like HSBC, INGdirect, and a couple of others. They seem to be in great shape.