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Re: Cerulean Discover fr. Continental Finance
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distantarray wrote:

jsucool76 wrote:

I think there is 50 threads on this and the matrix card Smiley Tongue 


Seems like a terrible option to a lot of us, but if you're down in FP/Credit One level, it isn't a terrible option... ;P 

lol it's the best looking out of all the cards too, i would almost mistake this for a prime card based on design =x but yea in a pinch it definately is not a bad card.


Also yes it's only good if people can manage their credit and build a savings, but honestly if you can't build a savings and can NOT pay a $75 annual fee, or $8 a monthly fees the LAST thing a person should do is try to get credit cards imo. I think the better route would be  asking friends or family to set them up as an AU or ACM til their scores were good enough to get a secured card which isn't hard to do, but then if you can't pay the small fees ( i know they add up) but if you can't even manage that how can you save money for a secured card let alone pay off a regular credit card?


Credit is only meant for responsible people who are financially stable. If you are not in that position you need to restructure your lifestyle before trying to get more credit , sounds harsh but it's true

They give their cards a cool design to lure unsusecting customers in (who don't read the T&C before applying) and by flashing the discover logo all over the place. They always try to make it look like they're a card issued by Discover and not just running on the discover network. 


Also, if I am correct, when you go to the card's page to apply, if you attempt to exit it, it litters you with popups about "exclusive limited time offers" so you won't leave. 


Edit: Kinda looks like something that would be issued by USAA. lol