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Re: Capital one executive sucks

It's true that his letter came off very entitled, but there is no reason ot belittle him over it. There is no reason for us it question his salary or line of work, either.


For customers that have only been with Capital One for a year or two, our approach should be a little more friendlier yet assertive. I've been with Capital One for a year and they gave me an increase after sending a letter that spoke highly of their company but disappointment that our card was said not to get any further increases. They gave us a nice $500 bump to our limit and promise more in the future. I'm satisfied with the increase because it shows that they are listening and will in the future. Too many people hate on Capital One, but I happen to like them. They gave us credit when no one else would.


I'm sure they will overlook the harsh tone in your letter and consider giving you a small increase since you heavily use the card. Do keep us updated.

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