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Re: Cleaned up report and need recommendations :)
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KausticRage wrote:

I would LOVE to get in with Amex but I'm a little hesitant.  Any recommendations on which charge card I should app for?  The backdating to 2012 would be awesome and my annual salary is $73K.  I'm reading that the Green would be a waste of time and PRG would be better but wouldn't the Green be easier to get?

The criteria for charge cards are all about the same... maybe a little tougher for Platinum.  I think PRG would be a good goal, and considering your EX Fako score, you have a good shot at it.   My FAKO was 713 when I picked up my Amex Charge Card


also going to mention that Amex is income sensitive... so definately your income is a solid positive 

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