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Re: Barclays Apple Card CLI Request
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RyVision wrote:


In addition to what Scarrollprint said (and I pretty much agree with):


When I called to activate my new Barclays NFL Extra Points card, it transferred me to a CSR after selecting the  "activate a new card" prompt.  Out of curiosity I asked about a CLI in case down the road I wanted to use a 0% offer that might come up.  She said she could attempt a CLI but it would require a HP, I told her I wasn't that concerned about the CLI at that moment and asked if they give automatic CLI's.  She replied that they did, usually reviewing accounts after a month, 3 months, then 6 etc.


So I would guess there would be no real way around an HP for a CLI even within a day of getting the account.


Westcoastpirate, I'm not sure where you're getting the idea that the 3x 61 day "rule" applies to Barclays though, I've only seen it referenced with AMEX.  You could very well be wasting at least 1 HP over that attempt at 61 days with Barclays.

I'm pretty new to these forums so I appreciate the info, especially about the 61 day rule!  I thought this covered all cards and just was a tool that I never knew about.  I'm glad I didn't waste a hard pull on it!


So do you think I should just call Barclays and try for the CLI today?