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Re: 7-10 message on secured credit card app

My BK fell off a long time ago but I have several recent charge-offs/CA which I'm working on.  Also some 30 day lates about a year ago. Also judgements showing on all my reports except EQ.  (which has the most inquiries) 


The secured card I applied for (smaller local bank that has my mortgage) is handled by Elan Financial services.  So I'm guessing the bank itself won't have any pull about whether or not I'm approved?? 


I'll just keep my fingers crossed.  In the meantime I'm going to continue increasing my limit on my USAA AmEx secured card and consider a USAA MC secured card for a 2nd card if I can't get one elsewhere.  I actually had sent in to get one from US Bank previously but they returned my money stating they couldn't issue me a card because they didn't do business where I live.  (but this was not stated anywhere on their website which would have been helpful to know ahead of time) 

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