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Re: Proving income for new job
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Thanks for the warm welcomes.


I will call them again and see if they can verify with HR as an option, but I am not too optimistic after reading your responses. My Equifax is 784 thanks to being an authorized signer on two of my parents cards with 11 and 18 years of zero delinquencies, so I'm not too worried about approval. My cards right now are only $2000 on AMEX BCE (opened Sep 2012) and $700 on BofA Student (opened March 2010) since my income is low, so I was just hoping to get more credit on the Citi Forward so I can more easily have low utilization.


I would have waited to apply in February but a large portion of my discretionary spending is at restaurants, so I would like to take advantage of the 5x points as soon as possible.