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Re: New USAA Debit Card?

bs1234 wrote:

charleeislegend wrote:

So i ended up reporting it damaged and recieved the new debit card a couple weeks ago. It looks soooo much nicer, it has a dark blue background with the USAA flag feintly showing on the front. If u guys absolutely despise looking at your old design just report it damaged and USAA will keep the same account number/expiration date so you dont have to reactivate the new card!

And not to be too rude (well, OK, being rude!): If you spend any time at all worrying about the beauty or otherwise of a credit/debit card, and expend efforts getting replacements, um, well, reconsider priorities or something...

Didnt know spending 5 minutes of my time to order myself a new card AND write how i felt about it, made it a priority in my life.... Maybe if you stoped thinking about how people use their time and waste time posting about such things of NO value, you can straighten out YOUR priorities -_-

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