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Re: New USAA Debit Card?

ccnewcc wrote:

MojaveMoon wrote:

I want to alert people that if you have the ATM card (not the debit card) from USAA that USAA calls the Maestro card and if you're thinking of switching from the ATM card to the debit card, an agent had told me current Maestro cardholders can continue to be reissued Maestro cards when your card expires but that anyone who doesn't have a Maestro card can no longer request a Maestro card. I prefer having an ATM card instead of a debit card since the number printed on the ATM card can not be used for purchases not requiring a signature or for purchases over the internet or the telephone. And when I make a deposit at a participating UPS store, the system for depositing checks accepts the Maestro as a valid form of USAA id.

ATM card?  Whats that?  2012 anyone?  haha jk :smileyhappy:


It has it's uses, remember USAA does 1% foreign tranaction fees and 5 ATM charges waived, I used it in Vietnam quite a bit, most places there do not accept ANY credit cards and deal with cash, it's not too unusual to get pick pocketed so yea =P

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