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Re: Tested my GE Holiday theory with Lowe's CLI!

LesWH wrote:

When I got the increase from Walmart with only having the card for 2 months, I figured it was because of the upcoming Holidays.  I decided to test the theory with Lowe's since I just got my card in the mail today.  On Nov. 11, 2012 I was approved for $1,000 and then immediately called for an increase, which I got to $3,500.  Today after getting the card, I called the back door number for GE Money Bank.  I only asked for an additional $1,500, and they approved it no problem!  Now my Lowe's limit is $5,000.00 even.  Tis the Season!!!

Congrats!!!! I am eager to test it on my Dillards and Chev/Tex cards (both GE). Was succesfull with Walmart card already. Tried the Chev/Tex about 3 months ago and was declined. I have a zero balance now (PIF last month). I have had my Dillards card since August with a 300 limit. Charged 250 and PIF last month. Wonder if i have a good chance with them.

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