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Re: Tested my GE Holiday theory with Lowe's CLI!

AaroninOakland wrote:

Good theory -- automatic increases may have a more lenient strategy considering the volume of business conducted; however, the underwriting criteria is the same. :-) It would be unfair lending to approve differently simply because of the holidays. Remember -- most increases are going to be approved or declined on the basis of the amount requested, usually 1.5 x to 2 x the current credit limit are not going to have much of a pushback. That is, of course, considering no recent or current delinquency good utilization, and fairly solid recent history on all unsecured and revolving lines.

very true....when i requested an increase with the Chev/Tex gas card, i always carried a balance close to the limit every month (had the card for 7 months now) but that was because i used once a week and every time it was almost 100 to fill the thank (have a 400 limit). So maybe now since i stopped using it and PIF im debating if that will improve my chances this time around (plus it is the

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