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Re: Tested my GE Holiday theory with Lowe's CLI!

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When I got the increase from Walmart with only having the card for 2 months, I figured it was because of the upcoming Holidays.  I decided to test the theory with Lowe's since I just got my card in the mail today.  On Nov. 11, 2012 I was approved for $1,000 and then immediately called for an increase, which I got to $3,500.  Today after getting the card, I called the back door number for GE Money Bank.  I only asked for an additional $1,500, and they approved it no problem!  Now my Lowe's limit is $5,000.00 even.  Tis the Season!!!

Congrats!!!! I am eager to test it on my Dillards and Chev/Tex cards (both GE). Was succesfull with Walmart card already. Tried the Chev/Tex about 3 months ago and was declined. I have a zero balance now (PIF last month). I have had my Dillards card since August with a 300 limit. Charged 250 and PIF last month. Wonder if i have a good chance with them.

It's a soft pull, so nothing to lose at all. I say go for it!! I just got the Lowe's card in the mail today.  I went from 1,000 to 5,000 in less than a week!  Talk about growing quickly!!! GE cards are on steroids!!! does seem they are being more generous and possibly lenient lately....I am definitely going to try with Dillards cuz i dont want to do some holiday shoppin there and 300 is not enough (plus it is my lowest tradeline limit out of all my cards). Hopefully they can match my 1000 limit on rival Macys card...hehe.

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