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Re: My first call with American Express

First, different cards have different CS phone numbers. Since  you don't have the card yet, I'm assuming you called new accounts. New accounts knows very little about the inner working of each card. They are there to help you apply and to answer questions about the application process. The rep was correct that they do not have your FICO score. For confidentiality/privacy, that isn't supposed to be available to the front line reps. Was this your first Amex? Often times people can get subsequent cards expedited (or charge cards, which don't have to wait for a letter), but I'm less familiar with people getting their first revolver expedited. 


In my experience, I've always gotten my Amex cards faster than the rep said I would. You can call back on a weekday during business hours and likely get your CL, but probably not much else until you have the card in hand. 


Finally, I've noticed a big difference in the level of CS flexibility based on which number I call. I had no luck with backdating despite repeated calls to the Zync number, but one call to the Surpass number and I was set. Maybe that was just luck, but I've never gotten a sense of listening to a script when I call the surpass number, but pretty much always got scripts when I called Zync or new accounts.

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