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Re: My first call with American Express

Watchmann wrote:

HiLine wrote:

I agree with your point of view. As a new customer, I was excited about testing out their customer service. And I have learned by now that calling the application status number over the weekend will achieve almost nothing. I think my questions were all natural and honest, though I will definitely be careful with future calls to not raise any red flag.


One thing you have to keep in mind, AMEX is not your friend, do not bother them to 'test' their customer service.  Keep your head down, use your card, pay your bills, that's all.  Do not call them to ask questions that can be found on these boards, everytime your account is accessed through a phone call it is noted in their records and we do not know how they sift and sort those records.  I've been a cardmember for 31 years and I don't think I've called them more than a dozen times in all that time, there is no need to.  I know when people get their first AMEX card it seems like a big deal, but to them you are just another source of revenue.  It seems AMEX now want to know when you are  travelling overseas so I'll give them a call and alert them, but other than that they won't hear from me unless I have a billing question and that's never happened. 

Live long and prosper with AMEX in your wallet.


+1 to that.... lol


xD I wouldn't ask to have my first card expedited unless it was a plat (which I think they do anyways). If you've been a member for a while, then they'll probably do it no problem, or if it is a replacement or something but amex has permanent PMS so don't mess with them Smiley Tongue