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Re: My first call with American Express

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So after I took advice from my other thread, applied, and was approved for an Amex Delta Gold, I called American Express to ask if they could expedite the delivery of my card. The rep, who has an Indian accent, took her time and repeated the same statement over and over again despite my 'I understand' each time. That same statement is her claim that Amex have to send out a letter informing me of the interest rate before they would generate my card. Since the letter takes 7-10 days to arrive, the card will take 10-13 days. I asked why it would take them a whole 3 days to generate and mail a card, she tried to 'explain' to me again that the card doesn't get generated until they send out the letter. Then I said 'I understand the process, but why would it take 3 days?' Then she explained the whole procedure to me again. I realized she would never comprehend my question, so I switched topics and asked her a bunch of questions about my card. Why not? I've heard Amex has the best customer service out there! Let's test it out...


So here's a list of questions from me and answers from her:


Q: what's my credit limit?

A: I can't tell you. The card hasn't been generated yet. Your credit limit will depend on your FICO score.

Q: can you tell me my FICO score?

A: I don't know your FICO score. The credit agencies don't tell me. You should talk with them. I can give you the phone numbers. But your credit limit also depends on other factors.

Q: I understand my first year's annual fee is 0. Is this a calendar year or period-length year?

A: I don't know. You'd have to call the number on the back of the card.

Q: If I apply for another Amex card and get denied, will that result in a soft inquiry?

A: No, all Amex applications result in a hard inquiry.

Q: What if I request a product change?

A: A product change reqest is an application for a different product and will result in a hard inquiry.



Do you guys think I would receive different answers if I called again and spoke to a different customer representative?


"The rep, who has an Indian accent" 

I'm sorry but this is relevant because...?

Their nationality is not relevant at all, but many people prefer domestic CS, and also, sometimes it is easier to understand people with an american accent as opposed to a foreign accent. I don't think the OP was hating on the CSR because they may have been from a different country.