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Re: Citi Forward 5% ?

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If I'm not mistaken, you get 1:1 because you also have the ThankYou Preferred card.  There are a couple different ThankYou cards that allow you to get the better redemption rate, and from what I understand, if you have one of them, you get the better rate regardless of which card you used to earn the points.  i.e., if you have both Forward and ThankYou Preferred, the latter gets you the better redemption rate even on points earned from the Forward card.  I only have the Forward, so I don't get the better rates.  But I can still get 1:1 on mortgage payments.

My ThankYou Preferred was Citi Dividend to begin with. I converted it to ThankYou Preferred last month. Before the conversion I got 1:1 redemption ratio.


I do NOT believe you need ThankYou Preferred to get better redemption ratio.

No, I don't mean to suggest you need that specific card, I've read there are several cards that do it, but from what I understand, not the Forward alone.

Similar to how if you have a zync (or any other card that earns MRe points) and you have any charge card that earns MR points you can convert them. Only difference is we're not sure exactly which cards they are with citi xD