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Re: OMG NO WAY Discover!!!!!

Aparently even though i have a Motiva card, i am still entitled to the cash back deals they advertize each quarter on tv, cuz I called them to cancel my score tracker service (i decided i did't want it after all) anyway the rep from Arazona said today was the last day to signup & stock up on groceries and i was like ok (thinking she didn't know what card i had) So later i saw the grocery offer and a Phone and TV offer, I just used my BankAmericard Cash Rewards for groceries yesterday, so i thought i would try the phone and tv offer for the heck of it and see if it let me sign up, and it did! I was able to signup for their 2% cash back on their Phone & TV promo.  I thought i wasnt able to signup for these offers since the card is not for those kinds of offers, as it was designed for paying off a balance over time to earn cash back?

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