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Re: Secured card Ventura Ca area

Lightdog555 wrote:
Hello all. I am in the process of rebuilding. My scores are in the 590's. I have about 8 baddies all coming in 08/09. Since then I have an auto loan from Wells Fargo never late opened in 2011 feb a Kay's card limit 800 balance 500 since June never late. Amex oasis limit 500 balance 135 since jan 2012 never late. I am seeing if anyone has any experience with Ventura area credit unions or Los Angeles area credit unions. I am looking to open a secured card. Prior to that I am going to pay off the Kay's card so my utl should be better. Thx for your help!

Since you are already a customer, the Wells Fargo secured card has good terms and likely approval.    Worth considering if CU does not work out.