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Re: Garden Club Meeting - November 2012

Hey all, stepped out of the garden for Citi Forward and Wallyworld. I just couldn't wait anymore for the Forward; I eat out too much not to be rewarded for it accordingly. They gave me my highest limit, and highest instant approval EVER, $6,500! Walmart was just so I can get the free TU FICO. They had a pre-approval listed when I logged into my normal email account, $1200.


These were the only two cards I really wanted. I had an interest in the BOA Travel Rewards. Figured I would try for it since I was already 2 for 2, but was denied. That left a bitter taste in my mouth! I really only wanted it to have in my repertoire in case I head out of the country for vacation later this year. Oh well. No real desire for anything else right now. I'm in the garden for the long haul. Cheers!

AMEX BCE $18,000 Citi Forward $6500 USAA $6000
Chase Freedom $2500 Discover It $4000
M & T Visa $2500 CU Visa $2500 Walmart $2200