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Re: Chase Credit Card Application Status



I just pulled the trigger on the Chase Freedom yesterday (and a couple others) and got the pending approval notice on the screen.  I called the backdoor number today, 8882450625 and spoke to a gentleman that was helpful but very blunt.  I was declined.  I apparently have 2 collections that are currently reporting (CO's from 2005) and 2 that have not been reporting but are still showing (HSBC and CapOne).  Aside from that everything seemed to be in order, UTIL at 37% (and he himself said the collections were hurting that score), and goodies on all current accounts.  Current FICO through EX is 620.


My question is should I pursue calling them again and try to get connected to someone else?  I am showing some pretty good success stories here, and was hoping I could be one of them! :smileysad:


Looking forward to any kind of insight you would be able to provide.

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