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Re: AMEX blue sky APP

uroosa1 wrote:

im abou to apply to for amex blue sky


Do i need excellent credit or just good?


i just got approved for chase freedom for 3k


i have a 1.5 year file all good with 6%utilz


With only 1 inq


waste of time or will i be approved? is there a easier amex card to get rather then that?




Please reply as I will decide to apply or not in next 15 min.

Just checked up on CreditKarma. Average credit score approved for this card is 705 and lowest approved was "drumroll" 499? Wow. Maybe they had a backdated customer who begged and pleaded for them to take them back...anywaysss based on those scores I think you have a good shot! Not 100% guaranteed but I would say an 80% chance!


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