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Re: Catbirds "NEW" online account management

Patagonians wrote:

I've had a couple problems with cit and I'm only in the first month. First I used the card to pay my mom's car bill for her and they charged me a cash advance fee, so I called and the CARS told me some bills show up as cash advance and I was subject to the crazy-high cash advance APR. So I try to pay it off but you can't make any kind of payment until your first statement cuts. So I had to do it through a CARS and he was "nice enough" to waive the 14.95 fee for paying over the phone. Not overly impressed so far, but it is my highest credit limit and they gave me a great par. 

Is this going to be an ongoing thing where some bills you pay with a CC with show as an CA??



This seems highly ridiculous.  Besides shopping, Bills are the most part of most of our spending.  Seems counter intuitive.