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Re: Applied Two GE Cards... Wal-Mart & Amazon

I recently went on an app spree for 4 cards (walmart, sears, home depot, amazon visa) and got 2 approved instantly (sears and walmart) and the other 2 (amazon visa and home depot) 'denied' (more like on hold until I verified some information through the phone or mail/fax. I immedately called HD and they told me to wait for the letter (not sure if it is necessary as they should have your info through your SSN#, name, address, etc.) I called after receiving the letter and verified information and was approved. 


I believe my problem was that I had a 'thin' file. I only had 2 CCs at the time and one installment loan that was fairly recent. You may be on the same boat and only need to confirm identity information. 


You can either: 1) wait for the letter and proceed from there depending on the reason they denied you or 2) call to verify status and if told that it is denied then try for a recon. If you can't get the cards then verify what is wrong with your credit, fix it and try again once the inquiries fall off.

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