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Re: Applied Two GE Cards... Wal-Mart & Amazon
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Inquiries completely 'fall off' in 2 years, but they are not counted for FICO after 1 year. You don't have to wait for the whole 1 year if you don't have many inquiries, but patience is the key to success when dealing with credit. I did try for new credit 6 months after a denial, but had only 1 recent inquiry because the older inquiries had reached the 1 year mark.

Edit: I also used my available cards (2) with the intent of getting new credit soon. I kept util at 10% or less and kept alternating between cards as I wanted the CCC to see usage so I could get CLIs and never missed payments.

As of Feb: AAoA 1 year, 10 months
CK TU: 740; Wal-Mart TU FICO: 721
CS EX: 715
8 CCs, 15 total accounts.
Negs on report: 1 30 day late aged 3 years
5 inquiries