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Re: Garden Club Meeting - November 2012



I have about 20+ inquiries on each report, due to my lack of knowledge before myfico and the ultimate itch of filling out an application hoping for an approval! But I have built up my mental strength and ready to endure 24 months of NO APPING! 


My credit profile looks like this for now: BK7 Discharged June 2012,

Orchard(CAP1) : 113/300

Cap1 secured 150/200 

First primier 0/300

auto loan: 5k soon to PIF intrest is way to high!


Cap 1 Authorized user: 0/500 


All positive tradelines with all negative accounts in IIB status and one charge off from cap1 that will fall off 2016.


I know I need to pay down my balances asap and I am! Once my balances are all PIF i will start depositing 100 a month to my secured cap1 card so I can build upto a 3k balance so when I have 0 inquiries in 24 months I will look like I am in alot better shape than I am now. Any recommendations from the vets?


I will be canceling first primier when the 1st yr is up to avoid the annual fee and any additional fees and I suspect by then I will have built my cap1 secured to atleast 1000 dollars. I don't see why it should hurt me if I keep orchard open at a 0 balance and build my cap1 secured as well stay as a authorized user on my girlfriends cap1 which never carries a balance if it does it's PIF before statement cuts. I will be gardening my orchard and cap1 secured, I know it's not much but and I probably wont go too far with orchard but its okay because I know in 24 months when my cap1 is at its 3k limit I will be approved for some pretty good cards.. it will be 2 yrs post bankruptcy and 2 yrs of ontime payments on 3 cards.

Last App: 9/16/13
BK Discharge: 6/12
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