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Re: Garden Club Meeting - November 2012

thankfulheart wrote:

What is that in my sig line??? a BRONZE spade?? Why, yes, today is one month since my last app! Smiley Very Happy  I have dutifully turned my head every time I hear the siren song of the Chase Disney Visa.  Still waiting on a 0%BT from NFCU, though...maybe I've been too naughty for Santa to bring me one.


Thanks to the Garden Club for helping me keep on track!

Congrats on your new shiney bronze spade! 


FYI, gifts from Santa are real!  Yesterday I came home and there was a box from amazon, I opened it and there was a couple of items (Kindle Fire acessories) that I didn't order. The receipt inside said (A gift from Holly Lane)


I called Amazon (because I knew no one that would send me a gift via Amazon) they said it was a mix up but it would be easier for me to just keep the items.  So... for those of you who were wondering.  Santa is real, and he lives on Holly Lane Smiley Happy

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