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Re: Guess the cause of my score drop
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HiLine wrote:
With the new card added, my AAoA fell to below 5 months. I had just finished an app spree, but this new account apparently brought the AAoA down to the range that FICO considers a short revolving credit history. It looks like the critical point is at 5 months or so. The penalty for falling below this must be severe, way higher than the 15 points I had lost due to another new account. Cat Frustrated

In the FICO algorithm, if your AAoA is less than a year, it's automatically calculated at a year is our understanding of it.   At least that's the way the report data is presented from various sources.


Really with the way it rounds down, until your AAoA >= 2 years, it's stuck at the bottom for that part of the metric, so anything under that is a wash.


Edit: also not sure on that short-revolving history tag, that may be as a result of new accounts rather than AAoA.  


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