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Chance of getting approved for the BCE?

I'd like to app for the Amex Blue Cash Everyday in January to help out my AAOA and get cashback on groceries. My oldest card is an AU on my mom's Chase Freedom (10 months). I also got a Capital One secured card in April ($200 limit), and a Discover It ($1500 limit) and an Amex Zync (NPSL) in August. I have since closed the CapOne card, which didn't really affect my score.

The worst part about my history is the fact that I have 8 inquiries on Equifax. However, I only have 4 inquiries on Experian, and from what I've heard, Amex is more likely to pull that one. 3 of those 4 inquiries on Experian will be over 6 months old by the time I app for the BCE in January. Do you think I have a good shot at it?

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