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Re: Garden Club Meeting - December 2012

We can't do the holidays without sauerkraut balls at my house, so I'm adding those to the buffet. Smiley Wink


Still gardening with my first ever, shiny spade!  I'm deep in utilization "fertilizer" at the moment, trying to dig back out in the aftermath of the new home purchase.  New credit made it way to easy.  I just paid down a sizeable chunk and am still waiting on deposits to come back to pay down more. The rest, I'm still hoping for that NFCU 0%, otherwise, I'll just transfer it all and call it good.


It is quite the thrill, however, to log on and see that there are actually REWARDS and not annual fees reflecting in my accounts!


I'm thinking strategically and am hoping to perhaps refi my car in January, but if I step out, it will only be for that.  I need to wait and see where things are at that point.

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