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Re: Amex Platinum.

The points add up quickly as well.


I received 300 in statement credits in the first 3 months.


There customer service and concierge alone are worth the 450.   


Travel perks are the best portion of the rewards, but the card has numerous other benefits that I love. 


Another great perk is if you stay in a hotel and purchase the room with your card they normal will upgrade you a level simple because you used your platinum card.


I am not an objective observer though.  I love AMEX.  I have their Hilton card, Blue Cash Preferred, and the Plat card.  I also have their High yield personal savings as well. 


I know many in the forums feel that Amex can be a bit touchy, but keep your credit score high, don't miss a single payment, PIF every two months, and they will give you large credit limits, and support all your goals.


Plus they back date!  I had the standard blue for 8+ years.  Now I have three amex with 8+ years of AOA.