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People who have bought bedding at Macy's 0% finance?
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Please tell me if im wrong? 

the account is a separate account on your reports? 


I called and asked for a cli to 5k to float the balance of a 3k mattress (its a cali king size mattress) 

all three reps I talked to pushed and pushed for me to open the 0% end of it to relieve my balance and let me use the credit elsewhere

all three reps claimed that it was under the same account (im assuming online only) 

and would not effect my regular card but obviously it would be a hard pull for the account(my assumption they didnt tell me this)

after I explained that I didn't want it since I didn't want any hard pulls because ive had so many recently(in the past year) and my aaoa would drop

she processed my request but said I would get a 7-10 letter in the mail. 

Asked from 3.5k to 5k with a balance of 44 dollars from like 5 days ago after the statement cut a 0 balance

account is 2 years old with no lates and pif everytime I used it. 


oh well

if they hard pulled though you better believe im fighting it. 


edit: ps  my util on my reports is actually around like 4% not the 18% since my best buy card doesnt report for a few more days. did a 0% offer for a tv.

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