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What should be my next move?
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I have been reading a lot on these boards and was hoping I could get some advice on possible credit card applications and any suggestions.  Here is my credit profile so you all can get a good idea of where I am coming from. 


I am a student who recently graduated in May and was thinking of adding a couple of new cards to complement. Thinking I want good rewards and relatively high CL. 


Income: 70,000

Last inquiry GECRB in July

AAoA: 2 years with oldest card 4 years ago

About 17% utilization, but will lower this to less than 10% soon.


myFICO TransUnion: 720 no negatives

EX: no score but no negatives on report

EQ: no score but no negatives on report

All on time payments.


One motorcycle loan (done next August)

School loans (deferred)



These are the cards I have been looking at:


AMEX blue cash preferred (grocery rewards)

USAA rate advantage (higher CL)

US Bank cash+ (solid rewards)

Chase Freedom


You can see my current cards in the signature. 


Any suggestions welcome, thank you. 


Credit Cards:
Capital One Platinum MC (11/2009) - $2K | Discover IT(07/2011) - $1.25K | GECRB Visa (07/2012) - $2.17K | Citi Dividend Visa (12/2012) - $4K | Chase Freedom Visa (12/2012) - $5K | AMEX BCP (11/2014) - $5K | Chase Sapphire Preferred Visa (12/2014) - $9K