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Re: store clerk tricked into opening card

panda21 wrote:

I need advice. I was recently shopping around for engagement rings, and went into a Zales. I was asked by a clerk there if they could run my credit to see what I was eligable for. I said sure but insisted that I did NOT want to open a card. Well, a few days later I get the new card in the mail. Can I have this voided due to the fact that the opening of the card was fraudulent? I do not want this to hurt my credit score, and it is very important that I can have credit available soon. It is just infuriating! Thanks for any help.

You can try to recon it, but unfortunately the fact that you gave them the authorization to run your credit through and gave them your information pretty much may make it a no-go. Many times when applying for a credit card application there's a little keypad that says "I accept the Terms & Conditions..." blah blah blah to an account. It is your responsibility to go through the terms and conditions before hitting the "accept" button, and/or ask any questions to the associate before doing so. If there was no accept button or check-off box, then you may have a chance at reconning!


Unfortunately I know this game well. Sometimes associates at my store don't always give the whole lowdown before getting people to apply for the JCP card (some people think it's simply a rewards card, but when they get to the point of entering their SSN they should realize it's not just a rewards card...but it happens anyways). But it is also the consumers responsibility before signing up for ANYTHING to read through terms & conditions.


Some cards also don't report right away. You may be able to close the account ASAP and never have it report. The hard pull (if any) you will likely not be able to recon due to the fact that you did authorize the salesperson to run a credit check. But the effects of that hard pull will likely fade away in a couple of months!


Best of luck! Sorry it had to happen to you, but I'm sure you can resolve it easier than you think Smiley Sad

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