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Re: Okay! so I applied for a credit card

CotySinz wrote:

Also: A mix of credit, once you get established, is dire to building to the point I am at. I have had 3 installment loans since I was 18, not including student loans so once you get some income and a card with some history go buy a cheap car with a signature or car loan from your local credit union - don't try big banks as they don't care what your story is and are less understand of short history, again be inquiry conservative don't waste them as they are much more valuable than people think.


I do not advise this unless it is needed. I am also somewhat young (twenty-two) with two years and eight months of history and I have never had an installment loan. I have sixteen nice cards with varying decent limits to me (two at 10,000, second to that is 7500). The most important thing is to just pay on time and not keep cards maxed out. As long as you have low utilisation and nice payment history, in my experience, lenders will overlook the inquiries.