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Re: What should be my next move?

bndresa1321 wrote:

Thanks for the suggestions, I guess I didn't specify but I have a Discover IT card. I definitely will consider Chase freedom as one of my top choices, since it seems to be a very popular option for rewards. What would be my chances at getting a Chase Sapphire instead of the Freedom? As far as my other top choice I have been wanting the BCP for quite a while for the membership rewards and grocery points. Hopefully my limited credit history won't hurt me too much. Thanks for your help.

There's better approval odds on the Chase Freedom compared to the Chase Sapphire. If you had to pick between the two (as long as you're talking about the regular Chase Sapphire, and not the preferred), then I highly recommend the Chase Freedom. Can't beat 5x revolving categories every quarter with 1x on everything else, compared to Sapphire's 2x on restaurants, 1x everything else. As you can see, I got a Freedom first and then 11 months later applied for the Sapphire! Still don't have it in my hands yet since I haven't been to my home address lately (will hopefully get my paws on it Thursday), but great to know that Chase trusts me after wonderful payment history on the Freedom :smileyhappy: Can't wait to earn my $100 worth after spending $500 on Sapphire!

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