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GE Closed all Accounts (waiting on a letter)

I'm new to this forum, and I recently started trying to rebuild my credit. I read elsewhere that when applying for cards you should do it within a short time frame so it would not affect your score as badly. I also have a fraud alert on my credit file so I always have to speak to a credit specialist to process my application when applying. 


When I applied for the cards I did not know that GECRB issued virtually ALL of the cards I had applied and been approved for. Here is the list I was approved for:


Walmart Discover; $1,600

Old Navy Visa: $1,250

Belk: $400

JC Penney: $400

Amazon Store Card: $1,000

Lowes: $3,000

Zales (NOT GECRB): $500


I had also applied for:

American Eagle




(but was not approved for these)


I was approved for all of these cards within a few days of eachother. And was excited to get the cards and start using them. The idea was to spend $50-100 on each one the first month and pay it down, then continue using the bigger ones like the Visa and Discover on a monthly basis never using more than 10-15% of my CL. We are planning on buying a house in about 7-8 months and having these on my report seemed like a great way to raise my score. 


I received mY Walkmart, Belk, JCP, and Lowes cards today. Upon receiving them, I called to activate them and was informed my accounts were closed. I then checked my other accounts, and they are all closed. The customer service reps are just saying to wait for a letter, I even got to a "specialist" using a backdoornumber I found for GE and she couldnt help either. I am very concerned as to why these accounts with GE were all closed just after being approved. It might have something to do with my fraud alert? But that is a best case scenario. 


I am especially concerned because all of the accounts already posted to my credit report with all 3 bureaus. And they all show open, so if they are all closed now just after being opened, what will that do to my score? Not to mention the hard hits for nothing. 


If anyone has ever had this happen or has any experience with this please giveme some advice on what to do. I am seriously freaking out!!!