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Re: Apparently I have missed my FIRST payment!?
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chan85 wrote:

Got a NY&Co card, wasn't paying attention and didnt get a statement, so just happened to look online. Due date is today! but apparently you can only make payments up until 6PM in order for them to count the same day! Of course it's now almost 11pm.. Tried to call and ask questions but the call center is closed after 9, and in order to make a payment with a rep they charge $15 anyway.... I'm sick To my stomach right now..... Will they report me as late or do they only report when it's 30 days past due?? It's Comenity Bank, if anybody has any experience with them....

I am not a 100% sure but I think all you are facing is a late fee (which you can call and see if they will refund). I doubt it will get reported as a late on your report.


Edited to say that I would still make the payment online tonight and follow-up via phone tomorrow. What else can you do?

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