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Re: Okay! so I applied for a credit card

CotySinz wrote:

I'm glad you plan to keep it in mind, it's just things I discovered on my journey thus far and am passing on to you since you have a fresh canvas to paint upon persay. One thing I will clue you on to though, I do have a 753 TU score but FICO scoring means little at our credit history. What I mean by that is we have a thin file, for me I have 2 years and 6 months history with AoAA at 1.6 years - these things mean more than a score, think of a score as a decent judge of your status but don't rely on it for 'approval gaurnteedness'.

+1. If you are able to get a credit card I'd recommend not applying for any other card until you let it grow for at least 6 months, but even then I would wait until finding a job. Part of having credit is being responsible. I am assuming your only source of income is from your parents. Treat your first credit card as a necessity that will eventually help you get into the prime cards you desire. Starting early is great because once you are done with college you will be ahead of some of your peers in credit. Then you will be able to get those low rates. 

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