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Re: GE Closed all Accounts (waiting on a letter)

You could always try sending an email to the GE Capital Cares Team:  Do not include any account numbers, just name, biling address and zip and also the best phone number to reach you,and they will call you... They work sorta like the Capital One Executive Office, where u have to email them so they can do research and call you to discuss your options. I have emailed them before and got a call back the next business day and even though they couldn't help with the one issue i emailed them about they did appologize for the complaint  about the horrible customer service i had with my smart connect account.. The rep that worked on my issues had a very nice tone of voice. So it won't hurt to give them a try, maybe even reach out to them after you get your letter, it doesn't hurt to try since you have all the inquaries for the accounts anyway..... "fight it till the death, or fight it till justice wins" lol Smiley Wink

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