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Re: store clerk tricked into opening card

martinkk wrote:

I'm curious. If OP closes and inquiry stays then won't it look like he was denied credit to creditors pulling his credit later? Since he already took the HP, why would it not be better to accept the account and just SD the card? I know AAofA might be less, but utilization would be lower, right? I' m still new here so just trying to get it all straight in my mind. 

Hmmm to be honest I'm not sure. I'm sure if it was manually reviewed sometime down the road it may seem that way since there's no appropriate tradeline available for it. Creditors don't seem to consider hard pulls to particular available credit lines (like there's no connect the dots). It's simply separate categories that get calculated. You have to consider that some hard pulls won't link to an account all the time (like shopping around for an auto loan or mortgage) so there's no real way to tell off the bat unless someone manually reviews and "assumes". But we all know what assuming does Smiley Tongue

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