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Re: store clerk tricked into opening card

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I need advice. I was recently shopping around for engagement rings, and went into a Zales. I was asked by a clerk there if they could run my credit to see what I was eligable for. I said sure but insisted that I did NOT want to open a card. Well, a few days later I get the new card in the mail. Can I have this voided due to the fact that the opening of the card was fraudulent? I do not want this to hurt my credit score, and it is very important that I can have credit available soon. It is just infuriating! Thanks for any help.

Wow that sucks.  I don't know the answer to your question but it does look like it was already answered.  I do want to say, however, that most retail people work on commission and/or get some sort of incentive if they can get people to app for store cards.


In any sales environment, the chance for less than honest sales ppl rises.   If no means no, then just say no.  

Yeah, and it's backfired because not only will I not be shopping at Zales, I definitely would never buy it from that woman.  It can be hard out there for people (like me and a lot of young adults) to navigate their credit when you don't know much about it, plus you have people everywhere trying to use your lack of experience to con you out of your credit score just so they can make a commission. Is it so much to ask that people just be kind?!