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Re: What should be my next move?

bndresa1321 wrote:

SnackTrader I definitely understand what you are saying about locking in the date with AMEX, I actually just found out about that recently and plan on putting in these applications soon. I feel like this way I can have some serious time without apps, before I decide to go after acquiring a home loan in a year and a half.

Daybreak I appreciate the suggestion on the Freedom, it seems like it is better suited for my needs and hopefully when enough time has passed I can too go after the Sapphire preferred. It seems like you have had very good experiences with Chase, and I am looking forward to fully using the revolving 5% categories

To get the best answers, you really need to consider a) spending patterns, and b) what sort of rewards you want.


So, for example, for memost everything I need is covered by Blue Cash Preferred (6% off first 6K of groceries), Penfed Plat Rewards (3% off remaining groceries, 5% off gas), Cash + (~ 6.25% off restaurants and bill pay, 2.5% drugstore), Fidelity Amex (2% off everything), Cap One (1.5% off everything where Amex isn't taken).   And by shopping at the issuers malls, more can be saved.  Most of my travel is paid for by my work, so I go for cash back.


But if you don't spend a lot on groceries or gas, and most of your money is spend on entertainment/travel/recreational drugs, these choices don't make any sense and you would have a different set of cards (probably cash for the last choice in most cases).


And if international travel is your main goal, a whole set of different strategies apply.  Go to flyertalk forum for that, and see how people get a million frequent flier miles a year by legally gaming the system.