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Re: Amex and business use

cashnocredit wrote:

I was reviewing adding another user to my personal Amex Plat. On their website they suggest adding these kinds of users amongst others:


1. Family members

2. Business partners and employees.


I've read from time to time that Amex doesn't like people to use their cards for business expenses. I suspect what they don't like is using personal Amex cards to finance the business (buy inventory and such)  but that uses for things such as T&E is fine.

Amex has a rather extensive set of options for managing cards with different access levels and such.


Guess I'll find out. I just added a biz partner and they are out of state at that.


Anyone else do this?

I have read stuff like Amex not liking business stuff on personal from here but I have NEVER seen or heard friends, business contacts, etc. ever have this happen where amex cut off cards or i don't know what else they could do or have done to people but if it's getting paid, if it's within the system and your spending pattern... what ever, go for it!

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