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Re: Must let balance report to keep card active?

armbenderc wrote:

Cleanmachine wrote:


If I am not mistaken, If you allow your credit card to continue to post -0- after a period of time FICO no

longer uses these accounts for scoring purposes. Not positive about that or the time frame.


I didn't know that. Maybe someone can confirm this?




It's true to a point. FICO will ignore certain aspect of a TL if it hadn't reported for a while. Most all CCs report monthly regardless of use, but over extended periods of time some will stop updating and it is that lack of an update where FICO will ignore aspects like the balance and CL. It's always good to be in the practice of using each card at least once every 3-4 months just to keep some activity on it and to keep the creditor from closing it due to non-use.