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Re: Discover: ANY collection makes CLI a nonstarter?

Based on my experience I don't believe that it's impossible to get a CLI from Discover with charge offs on your reports (although I can't speak for CC charge offs specifically).  I got approved for Discover More on 4/23/12 with a starting limit of $1000 and several 5+ year old charge offs/collections (including CC charge offs) on my account.  I immediately BT'd $900 to the card and paid it off over the course of 4 months (about $250 at a time except for the last one) and then I let the card sit.


On 10/24 I noticed a CLI, only of $300 - but still it was done without my request and without a hard pull so I can't complain.  At the time I still had (and still have) one paid CO and 2 collections reporting - all of which are due off in less than 2 years.


So I can't say why they're being so difficult with you, but I can say that it's not impossible to get a CLI with COs/collections on your current report.  Good luck!


The only thing I can think of, is that at the time of the CLI, none of my derogs were actually related to revolving credit.  The Paid CO is related to the Dept of Edu. (was less than $500) and the collections are cell phone and apartment related ($1000 total) - so maybe the Capital One CO is the issue?

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