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Re: What Credit Cards should I pay off?

dl5770 wrote:

Cap 1 (17.9%) - $575 balance ($5,000)

AMEX (17.24%) - $7,722 balance ($8,000 limit)

Discover (12.99%) - $6,118 balance ($7,200 limit)

Chase (12.24%) - $4,913 balance ($5,500 limit)

BOA (9.24%) - $9,927 balance ($11,100 limit)

Citi (6.24%) - $9,355 balance ($9,500)



1. Amex

2. Chase

3. Capital One

4. Citi

5. Discover

6. Bank of America



LOL but that'sjust me. because Amex HATES people carrying large balances, and Amex and Chase being the top two credit card companies in my opinion I wouldn't want to burn either one of them or make them lose faith =)


I could careless about Capital One or Bank of America personally since I don't think they offer anything that's of any value compared to the rest of them.


But generally the plan with the highest interest rates first would probably work best, I'm just a bit weird =)


So if you take that into consideration I would pay off


1. Capital One

2. Amex

3. Chase

4. Discover

5. Citi

6. Bank of America



It's not exactly highest APR to lowest, but considering the APR and how I rate the banks personally since Amex and Chase holds most of the best reward cards and sign up bonuses this would benefit you a lot in the future, so it's nice to keep a good history with them. The APR's shouldn't be so different to cause too much of a extra troubles.


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